The XCG GOPRO Floating Grip & Strap Mount Cambo
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Brand : Lotopop
Brand Ownership: WoSporT Industry Co., Ltd
Manufacturer : WoSporT Industry Co., Ltd
Name: The XCG GOPRO Floating Grip & Strap Mount Cambo
Model : XCG-GRP-H01
IPO Time: Summer of 2016
Package : Box-packed (Explanation as follows)
Weight : About 500g
Material : Nylon Carbon Fibre
Waterproof: IPX-8 over 20 meters
Size : XCG GOPRO Floating Grip: 4*5*23 cm / Strap Mount Cambo: 11*4.2*5 cm
Applicable Standard: Suitable for any international universal sporting camera with standard specification (like GOPRO)
Components: Grip*1、Strap Mount Cambo*2、Hanging Rope*1、Fixed Universal Standard Bolt*1
Applicable Scene: It is supporting accessory for photographic behavior, such as underwater, diving, mountaineering, bungee jumping, riding, high-speed sporting, recording, work and so on.
Notes: This product does not contain sporting camera! Please contact the customer service if you need to purchase sporting camera.